Paranormal Motorbikes Make Love To Your Ears. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Album Review: Specter at the Feast

March 4th 2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Specter At the Feast

It begins with a Feast of Mallets.

The synth lumbers in with giant hulking feet and a cave man club. It sits at the table with xannaxed perplection.  But thats not synth. Thats a bass guitar. Melodic movement, into… Dirty Echo Drenched Rock

“The crime is not what you steal, but what you leave behind”. Robert Levon Been.

Well guys, it sounds like your leaving behind planet earth. For good. The sound is fresh and free. Guitar solos, my god, what a miracle. Real Floyd.  A lush balance of distortion and vibrant echoes.

I took a break from writing to really listen. This album really sounds legit. First Rock N Roll record I’ve heard in a long fucking time. By the time “Hate The Taste” fired up I realized, I needed to finish the review.

Well, this is a good time to describe my methods for grading an album.

A good album receives the Zoso grade (Jimmy Page’s symbol from Zeppelin 4)

A not so good album receives the Soso grade. Get it? Zoso good, Soso not so good

have 4 criteria to decide whether an album is Zoso or not. Here it is

1: Fire –  Song writing and production

2: Water-  Arrangement and use of auxiliary methods of instrumentation (does it flow)

3: Earth- How down to earth are these songs? Can I touch them in a way that seems valid

4: Air – How ambitious are these songs in the ways of human emotion. Can I Feel them in a way that seems valid.

Easy enough Right.

1: Fire.

Specter at the Feast has great song writing. All the songs seem like they have a cohesive point, yet it all sounds different. There is variance in the chord patterns, definite chorus’s and verses. and fucking guitar solos. Freak out. The Production sounds completely analog. The tapes and tubes sound like a motorbikes. Cymbals crack, the vocals distort and the organs bubble with Veracity. Truth. And it sound good loud or quiet. Thats impressive

Yes this album has fire for sure.

2:  Water

– The structure of the songs, the implementation of traditional rock instruments as an ensemble really works. The album flows as a continuous piece of art, from start to finish. It would sound great on vinyl, or on any medium really. The blues crawl up from the depths as if they hear the call of the lord screaming from the shores of the Mississippi. Liquid tar hot as train tracks. Astronauts overs  the top of a Martian mountain. This album has a traditional American feel to it, and it owes that to the orchestration of instruments. These waters are deep.

3: Earth.

Well, this is such a subjective criteria. But i try and keep this short. No matter what geographical location you are in, even if you don’t speak a lick of english, this album will be relatable. This is not a dance album, but i can feel the energy, and the pulse.   Earth, Check.

4: Air:

Ambition, Emotion. Veracity. I can feel quit a bit of emotional attachment to these songs,  I can tell that these guys probably really enjoyed making this album and are going to love performing them. It takes a lot of balls to make a rock record like this these days. For it to sound this raw is a home run. Will people be emotionally drawn to this music? Yes.

Closing Remarks

A genuine masterpiece. Both lyrically and musically.

It offers comfort to the soul, in a strange deathly way.

Just add whiskey.

Album Grade: Zoso


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