Chances Are you stumbled on this page because you were wondering what this is. The idea “Chances Are” was conceived Febuary 19th, 2013 for the purpose of entertainment. The web page’s goal is to help  spread art and knowledge to people all over the globe, as well as educate and question if and how something is art at all, however controversial it may seem. “Art” has many shapes and forms, as many as there are drops of water in the oceans.

Chances are in a single life time art will have a massive influence on an individual, as they create their own, and as they experience the art of others.

However, one single life time is such a small amount of time, especially when you consider how long “art” has been around. What we experience in one life time is like a bucket of water compared to an ocean.

Chances are the art you experience will out live you by 3 life times.

New forms and possibilities for art are being pioneered all over the world each day,with genre and form being revolutionized on a global scale. The ocean grows and grows and grows, but a life time does not. But with the internet, people can become connected all over the world. My goal is to help make people more connected.

Every experience is unique. No two people experience art the same way.

Chances are this page is for you.


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